Dear African Brothers Expeditions,

My dad and I had such a great time on our trip climbing Kilimanjaro. You and the Sherpas were a very important part of it and we just want to thank you for all that you did for us specially your leadership to the summit. The rest of our trip was good, Kenya is a nice place, but I prefer Tanzania so much more. Back in San Diego and working again, We realized our trip to Africa and Kilimanjaro have changed our views for the best. Thanks for being such a great friend. We miss all of you.
Greg Strangman, CA


Dear African Brothers,

Nearly one month is gone and we all remember the time in Tanzania with you! As a little souvenir of your special anniversary I send you this picture of our group. We had a great time climbing Kilimanjaro with you and you truly exceeded our expectations. You guys are the best. We hope to return and do safaris with you in the near future. Many greetings to you and see you sometime soon.
Wilhelm Rottmann, In the name of Lizzy, Gerhard, Horst, Hartmut, Klaus-Peter, Walter, Ulrich, Kurt, Armin, Ralf and Martin


I can´t say enough about how positive our Kilimanjaro hiking experience was with African Brothers Expeditions. As much of an adventure as summiting was I would have to say the actual journey was the highlight of our trip. You and your staff were extremely knowledgeable about the terrain and different micro climates along the way. The fact that you and your assistant guide, Christopher, both graduated from the only wildlife university in Africa provided us with a better background of the various plants, trees, and animals than other groups could ever experience. You were extremely organized, professional, and courteous throughout the planning process and during the climb. It almost seemed like cheating having 17 experienced staff members carry our personal tents, clothes, food, water, restroom tent, and dining facility; and lead us the whole way to the top with smiles on our faces. You guys took care of the difficult parts so my friends and I could enjoy the hike and take tons of incredible photos. I´m firmly convinced that all three of us made it to the top due to your expertise, preparation, and encouragement. I could never imagine undergoing such a big trip without having a company as experienced, friendly, and professional as African Brothers Expeditions doing everything possible to make our journey the trip of a lifetime. As much confidence as we had in your staff, you exceeded all of our expectations. Not only will I recommend your team to my friends and family if they decide to hike Kilimanjaro, I will insist upon it.
Brad Powers, Brian San Diego, Michelle Denver Colorado


Dear African Brothers,
It has been a long time (February) since we climbed Kilimanjaro with you. I must say my brother (Simba mwa lima) and my sisters and I share the greatest memories on this trip. African Brothers Expeditions were the best and had a wonderful time and your guidance and company was fantastic. I will send many of my friends to climb with your company in the future. Send my best regards to everybody and hope to see you once again . With warm regards,
Resy van Dooren