Founders of African Brothers Expeditions

I first ventured to Africa nearly 21 years ago on a safari expedition and immediately fell deeply in love with Africa. Since that first visit I have made a
personal goal to share the wonder and enchantment with others.

Tanzania’s magnificent beauty fascinated me and captured my heart at first sight. From the snowcaps of Kilimanjaro, to mesmerizing wildlife, to the peaceful people, to their vibrant colors, has left me an indescribable desire to share with everyone so they too can enjoy and have an unforgettable journey of a life time…

I reside in Tanzania every year for a period of 8 months traveling to all National Parks to find the best accommodations for my guests throughout
Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya and Uganda.

I have started the Safari Company with the principal of contributing a portion of our annual profit to projects. The mission of this organization is also to
provide very poor children with education and send them to school which we I have have seen a difference in a few children.

I have climbed and guided several times in Kilimanjaro visited all National Parks in Tanzania, Kennya and Uganda.

I look forward to welcoming you to Africa…

Teri Allen

I have extended experience in tourism services with over 20 years, taken trekkers up Mt. Kilimanjaro more than 180 times, Mt.Meru, Mt. Kenya guided endless safaris, camping tours, photography expeditions throughout Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda including Zanzibar.

I am a leader in Kilimanjaro, guiding safaris assisting planning with safaris.

My experience is unmatched with anyone else in my country I have worked with many different safari companies. I have my certificate from NOLS (National Leadership School) in wilderness and high mountain rescue, Red Cross certificate in First Aid as well. I love the outdoors, hiking, camping and climbing is my passion and always ready to help with any inquires you might ae at any time.

My moto is to keep you safe at all time when traveling with us…

Welcome to Africa

Moses Kashumba

I was born and raised in North Carolina but I have traveled all over the world.

From Iceland to Tahiti to Africa if I haven’t been there, I want to go.  I love to
explore the different cultures, foods, and historic sites along the way.

I would love to tell you more about my travels if it would help you create a trip of a
lifetime for yourself.

Please feel free to contact me.

Daniel Parrish