10 Days Madagascar, an Extraordinary Adventure East of Madagascar


Day 1 Antananarivo / Andasibe

Departure for Andasibe at 2:30 to 03 hours’ drive from the capital. You will cross a magnificent landscape decorated with “ravinala” (traveler’s trees): a splendid tree containing water inside, hence its name. It is a completely different landscape from the other regions of the island, from the South and the High Plateau or the West. Madagascar has several different landscapes depending on the region. It is possible to make a small visit to the exotic park about 70km from Tana: it is a park with several varieties of butterflies. Continuation to Andasibe. Possibility to visit the private park of Vakona Forest Lodge after check-in at the hotel.

Day 2 Andasibe / Manambato

Possibility to visit the national park early with a certified guide to meet the maximum number of lemurs. The park has several types of birds, practically all kinds of lemurs (Indri, Sifaka, etc…) existing on the island, precious woods… Then take the road to reach Manambato via the town of Brickaville (the sugar cane plantation town) on the banks of the Rongaronga river. Arrival in Manambato which is near the Rasoamasay lake which is part of the Pangalanes canal.

Day 3 Manambato / Ankanin’ny Nofy

Embarkation in a secure motorboat for the first part of the Pangalanes Canal sailing on the lakes and lagoons. Arrival in Ankanin’ny Nofy after one hour of navigation: it is a beautiful

place lost in the middle of nowhere where the only way to get there is by sailing on the Pangalanes canal. Possibility to visit the private reserve of the Palmarium after the installation.

Day 4 Ankanin’ny Nofy / Tamatave

Possibility to visit the village on foot or take a pirogue tour to visit fishing villages or just rest. 

Then, second and end of the crossings of the Pangalanes canal which lasts 3h30 to 4 hours of drive. The driver will pick you up at the landing stage. Depending on the time of day you can make a small visit of the city of Tamatave.

Day 5 Tamatea / Mahambo 

Back on the road to Mahambo. Possibility to make a small stop at Foulpointe, 60 kilometers from Tamatave. Then continuation of the very green road from the east, sometimes we go along the beach. Arrival Mahambo 03-04 hours later. Enjoy the beautiful beach after installation at the hotel.

Day 6 Mahambo / Soanieran’Ivango / Sainte Marie

You will join Soanieran’ Ivongo after breakfast. The driver drops you off at the pier, you take the boat to Sainte Marie for about an hour. Arrival Sainte Marie a car from the hotel will pick you up at the port and take you to the hotel.

Day 7 Sainte Marie

To the east of Madagascar, an island is quietly bathed in the turquoise water of a peaceful lagoon. A lush tropical garden, it shelters in its courtyard forests where several varieties of lemurs live as well as a majestic orchid. During the mating season, this paradise becomes the nest of the mega whales, magnificent acrobats of the seas.

Day 8 Sainte Marie

Free day. Possibility to ride motorbikes, quad bikes, bicycles, scuba diving, dugout canoes …

Day 9 Sainte Marie Free day

Day 10 Sainte Marie / Antananarivo

A hotel car will drop you off at the airport. Flight back to Antananarivo.

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