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Umbwe Route - 6 Days
The most spectacular yet, this route is the hardest and direct way to reach Uhuru Peak. Extra days can be added to your itinerary to explore, relax along the route or to camp in the karanga River Valley. Accommodations on the mountain is in tents. You will need a sleeping bag. A mat is provided.
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Machame Route - 7 Days
We start you off at the impressive dense rain-forest where the gigantic trees of rubber and fig trees rising up mysteriously to the sky home of may exotic birds and monkeys. Here you can find many exotic flowers and other tropical vegetation. A stop for lunch will be taken half way to this evening campsite. As you continue to ascend, the tropical has given away to tall grass and gigantic Heather. Macahame route travels upwards through the mountain. One benefit of this rout is its quick rise to relatively high elevations. The arrival time at Machame camp is usually at 5:00 p.m. or 6 :p.m. Your camp is set up near some metallic huts, which were once used for shelter and it is now for use of ranger station.
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Lemosho Route - 8 Days
This is an unspoiled remote less used and filled with beautiful scenery way up to Shira Plateau. standard route takes normally 7 days, however since the route is long and a group wishing to ascend slower can comfortably take 8 days by camping at Karanga Valley before moving on to Barafu. A strong group can complete this trip in 6 days via "Western Breach"
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Marangu Route - 6 Days
From the summit glaciers, screes, cliffs, afro-alpine moorland, then forests that lead down to the cultivated foothills, the Marangu Route takes at a gentle pace through dramatically different zones. This is the easiest route to take to ascend Kilimanjaro . The highest mountain in Africa with its two main summits. The Craggy Mawenzi, 5149m, and the "flat-topped", glaciated Kibo, 5896m. The saddle, a 5 Km wide high- altitude, semi desert separates the two. Scree is easier to climb when frozen and the views from the crater rim at dawn ca be spectacular. Ski sticks are useful when ascending the scree to the summit. Accommodation on the mountain is in the comfortable huts, this requires a sleeping bag, a mat is provided. This is a tough walking trip but within the limits of a fit individual used to walk around mountain areas. An extra day for acclimatization to the altitude can be spent at Horombo. From Horombo there are various walks to enjoy.
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Rongai Route - 5 Days
In the past this was the main route from the Oloitokitok Outward bound school and nights were spent in caves. The approach to the mountain is from the North and the descent is by the Marangu Route. We will camp along the way until we reach the Marangu route. For the ascent to Uhuru Peak from Kibo Hut a very early start made since the scree is easier to climb when frozen and the views are breathtaking. Ski sticks are very useful when ascending the scree to the summit. Accommodations on the mountain is in comfortable huts. This requires sleeping bag , a mat is provided. This is a tough walking trip but within the limits of a fit individual used to walking in mountain areas. This route can be done from five to seven days depending on the client's interest and the number of days itinerary. For more advise I encourage you to spend six or seven days on the mountain as you become more used to the altitude.
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